8 Years Of More Life

March 21, 2017

is it an Album or a Playlist? Whats a playlist?


When You Bout 30

March 15, 2017

This podcast got real interesting towards the end.... lol 


Nicki Got Remy In Her Weave

February 28, 2017

Welcome back to the trap house..

Take off ya shoes and relax ya feet, well unless you drivin... 


Is your girl an “All Star”?

February 21, 2017

All star weekend

Rainy LA



There are just a few of the topics we touch on todays funny episode! 


Super Bowl Bust

February 7, 2017

Tissue Issues

February 1, 2017
Lauryn Hill going on tour - Worth it? Will she show up?

Drake & Nicki Minaj - A thing? or stunt..again?

Trump on Twitter - Are we antagonizing his temper tantrums?

Master P or Nas biopic? - Who's story is more interesting to see?

A Must Listen For The Dreamers

January 25, 2017

Really.... I dont even have the words but we cut on the mic and magic happened.


Sprinkle a little Ass on it

January 17, 2017

Today, we got a little deep and a little wild(i really want to put a sex joke here but im not going to do it....man i really want to but ugh okay...i digress) We walk about what to do when getting attacked by 2nd graders in waves of 10. Including a 5th grader that comes after every wave.  Cam breaks down the height and weight and we really get in depth with this situation.

You know we had to talk about the playoffs this past weekend. Sorry cowboys fans but it was a hard fought one but that boy Aaron Rogers is a beast.  Also, did you know that Aaron Rogers has a brother and that brother was on the bachelorette and that they dont really talk to each other? Yeah, me neither so we talk about that as well. 

Then we talk about Heaven and how blissful it will be and how you can have Heaven on earth right now if you just change you mind set.  Get your plates cause we cooking up everything you need on The Comedy Traphouse. 



January 10, 2017

On todays show we really take a dive into the subject of R&B and can you take your sexy too serious? At some point does squintng your eyes in all of your photos and oiling up your body get corny?  What happened to the era of music where the artist were just a little more discreet about what happens between the sheets?

We briefly cover the topic of writers block.  We beleive its one of those things that is just about being in your head to much.  You have it all there but sometimes its just a fear of what may appear on the paper in front of you.

Of course we had to talk about Odell Beckhem Jr and his antics in the locker after the grueling loss to the greenbay packers.  Thats why we dont go to miami if we have work to do because in miami you cant get work done! Thank you for listening make sure you give us feed back. We are going to do our best to make this year of podcasting the best one yet!